Learn fun meditations to restore your energy!

If you have been called too sensitive or emotional, you may pick up feelings of people around you. Holding others’ pains doesn’t help them or you. Learn how to let the pain go.

Imagine Intuition

If you are the one friends and relatives turn to for help, or you help people for a living (nurse, teacher, administrator), you may have taken on emotional burdens that don't belong to you. Learn to set boundaries that are healthy for everyone.

Through teaching, clairvoyant reading, and spiritual healing, I act as an intuitive guide to help increase your awareness and self-mastery. I have practiced this energy clearing and intuitive development method since 1997.

– Stephanie Siegel


My services and content are not intended as a replacement for medical attention. If you are seeking medical or mental health advice or treatment, please see your healthcare professional.




30-minute spiritual healing @ $50.00. Spiritual healing is clearing away the debris that gets in the way of your relationship with God.


30-minute clairvoyant reading @ $50.00.
A clairvoyant reading communicates to and about the eternal part of you, the spirit that you are. Learn about how you are growing and changing as well as about energies and beliefs that sway you out of alignment with your vision and purpose. Readings help you to connect with your inner wisdom.


Stress Relief: Stress Relief: 4 half-hour teleclasses.
1-Ground and Center Yourself in the Present-FREE
2-Your Emotional Energy Centers and How to Dial Them Down-$25
3-Needy People Can Clog Your Head-$25
4-Let Energy Flow-$25

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